Lightspark 0.5.7 released

A new ver­sion of Lightspark has been released yes­ter­day. You can give it a try by get­ting the source code from launch­pad. Ubuntu pack­ages should be avail­able shortly from our PPA

Beside a lot of small improve­ments this new release improves the graph­ics capa­bil­i­ties, with a focus on Flash fea­tures used by games.

Here is the changelog:

* Fixed a few mem­ory leaks
* Improved sup­port for BitmapData::draw
* Sup­port for BitmapData::copyPixels
* Sup­port for soft mask­ing
* Sup­port for mem­ory usage pro­fil­ing (mas­sif compatible)

More­over, there has been some work on imple­ment­ing fully accel­er­ated Stage3D sup­port, it’s still in early design phase... but stay tuned.

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  • Guest

    Good Job! :)

  • Yan­nick

    Nice, but can we use it on Win­dows ? Or it’s only for Ubuntu ?

  • apig­notti

    One devel­oper is work­ing on a win­dows cross-build, but we have no native win­dows devel­op­ers. Lightspark itself is portable. More­over, it’s not only for Ubuntu of course, any linux dis­tri­b­u­tion is ok.

  • Yan­nick

     @apignotti:disqus ok thanks ! Good job it’s a very well per­for­mance and i’ll fol­low it. Can you think that it is pos­si­ble to cre­ate a run­time like Adobe AIR with your work ?

    Once again Good job ;)

  • apig­notti

    AIR appli­ca­tions do not work yet, but there has been some work on it in the last few days by a new developer

  • Yan­nick

    It’s a great news :) Thank’s for all your works team !

  • Mateusz Sta­chowski

    I know that Ligh­st­park has an SDL sound back­end but is this used auto­mat­i­cally when there is no PulseAu­dio. I’ve installed it from the PPA and I use OSSv4 as my sound system.

  • apig­notti

     You have to enable the sdl back­end in /etc/xdg/lightspark.conf

  • Mateusz Sta­chowski

    Thank you very much. I’ve seen the men­tion of this file before (pre­vi­ous posts) but when I nav­i­gated to the direc­tory it wasn’t there. I’ve googled it and found it in your git repository.

  • Wil­son Silva

    Keep up the good work!