Lightspark 0.5.6 released

After a few months of great pro­gresses under the stew­ard­ship of Jani Mono­ses Lightspark, the mod­ern and open source flash player imple­men­ta­tion is now again being main­tained by me. And I’m very proud to announce the release of lightspark 0.5.6, that brings quite a few new fea­tures and a usual load of sta­bil­ity fixes. Source code is avail­able of course from Launch­pad. Pack­ages should be shortly avail­able for var­i­ous dis­tros. I will also try to get an updated Win­dows build in the next few days.

Here are the new fea­tures, from both 0.5.5 and 0.5.6, since I was too lazy to pub­lish the pre­vi­ous release. My bad, it will not hap­pen again.

  • Fix YouTube sup­port for sev­eral videos
  • Sup­port for cus­tom serialization/deserialization
  • Sup­port RPC (NetConnection::call)
  • Sup­port for PNG images
  • Exper­i­men­tal sup­port for Google Street View
  • Sup­port for Fire­fox 10

As you can see exper­i­men­tal sup­port for Google Street View is now avail­able (kudos to Antti Ajanki for this). More­over, the RPC and seri­al­iza­tion sup­port has been writ­ten in an ongo­ing effort by me to sup­port Far­mVille and sim­i­lar highly inter­ac­tive and com­plex flash games. We are def­i­nitely expand­ing the scope of what is con­sid­ered sup­ported, but there are still some unfin­ished cor­ners in YouTube sup­port, and many other video play­ers do not work yet.

This is way I would like to encour­age young hack­ers, espe­cially stu­dents, that are inter­ested in con­tribut­ing to a com­plex project like lightspark to choose their favorite site using flash to show videos and drop by the #lightspark IRC chan­nel on Freen­ode. Me and the other lightspark devel­op­ers will pro­vide the guid­ance you may need in the first steps. Most often it just a mat­ter of imple­ment­ing or improv­ing a few Flash APIs to see a player start work­ing. And you favorite site (and your name) may be posted here in the next Lightspark release!

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  • Anony­mous

     Cur­rently yes, beside cod­ing that is, of course, pre­ferred :-)

  • Guest

    So is there a Win­dows build of any ver­sion, anywhere?

  • Maria Schex­nay­der

    How in the heck do you install this package... ?