Lightspark, with experimental PowerPC support

Lightspark stand­alone exe­cut­ing YouTube on a ppc64 Debian machine

Only a few days have passed since the 0.4.5 and a new Lightspark release is already out! With big news for Pow­erPC users. The main new fea­ture of this release is exper­i­men­tal sup­port for the PPC plat­form!

Cur­rently the per­for­mance of the video play­back is far from ideal as some very inef­fi­cient code is used on a crit­i­cal path, and will be rewrit­ten in an effi­cient man­ner. Nonethe­less tests and bug reports from Pow­erPC users are very welcome.

Beside this fea­ture the release include:

  • A fix to restore YouTube support
  • A new AMF3 parser that will be used to pro­vide Local Shared Object (flash cook­ies) sup­port in a fol­low­ing release.

Pack­ages will be as usu­ally avail­able for Ubuntu Mav­er­ick from the PPA for the i386 and amd64 archi­tec­ture. Pack­ages for PPC are not cur­rently avail­able as launch­pad does not sup­port ppc pack­ages.

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  • Sergey Udaltsov

    Thank you very very much! Would you con­sider build­ing .ppc64.deb not in ppa?

  • Sergey Udaltsov

    Addi­tional ques­tion: does your code use altivec?

  • Anony­mous

    No. The slow­ness of the video path comes from not hav­ing the PPC equiv­a­lent of a needed SSE2 accel­er­ated func­tion. I plan to solve this by writ­ing the code using (portable) LLVM vec­to­r­ial IR

  • Anony­mous

    That is not pos­si­ble with the launch­pad PPA infra­struc­ture. I could upload them some­where but no inte­gra­tion with apt

  • Dave

    Many of us appre­ci­ate the com­pe­ti­tion to Flash, keep on the fight. I’d love to have alter­na­tives in the future.

    PS: If you are going to use screen­shots from Trans­form­ers, how about Megan Fox liv­ing the hood of the Camaro? ;)

  • Luca Falav­i­gna

    We’re plan­ning an upload in Debian, so ppc sup­port will be avail­able at least in exper­i­men­tal and Natty, once synced.

  • Anony­mous

    Very nice, thanks for your help!

  • Anony­mous

    Given the var­i­ous pri­vacy issues asso­ci­ated with flash’s local stor­age and evercookie-like tech­niques, what mech­a­nisms do you plan to pro­vide to help peo­ple han­dle flash’s local stor­age bet­ter than with the exist­ing Adobe plugin?

  • Me

    why not just nip over to ffmpeg-devel and use their ready made PPC altivec SIMD code where required, no rea­son to re-invent the wheel every time is there.

  • Me

    i also note on a very quick pass of your cod­ing tricks page, that your rather new to SIMD assem­bly mmx/sse etc.

    so id strongly advise you and any­one inter­ested in under­stand­ing and writ­ing faster code to take a look at that cur­rent x264 log asap

    for the last few weeks Dark_Shikari and the other assem­bly x264 dev’s have been men­tor­ing the GSOC Code-in student’s in all things video assem­bly, tak­ing them know noth­ing but how to read C, to pro­duc­tion of work­ing and Fast x264 10bit assem­bly rou­tine in 2 hours les­son and show­ing how they use sim­ple yasm macros to pro­vide pow­er­ful and smart expand­able cross plat­form code etc.

    seri­ously take a look and judge for your­self if you really intend learn­ing GOOD video assem­bly, as Dark_Shikari if you can code/read C you can write assem­bly, or words to that effect ;)

  • Anony­mous

    I’ve no def­i­nite answer right now. A pos­si­ble approach would be whitelist­ing the sites allowed to cre­ate LSOs, but smarter ideas are welcome.

  • nona

    Did you con­sider liboil or liborc ?

  • Ppc Addon

    really nice, i hope to see Lightspark for Pow­erPC on my pre­ferred (ital­ian) dis­tro too: CRUX PPC.
    Thanks you !

  • Luca Falav­i­gna

    pow­erpc pack­ages for Ubuntu Natty are already avail­able: – 1/+build/2104388

    I asked to allow build on pow­erpc in Debian too (, it will take a cou­ple of days before they enter the archives. Stay tuned :)

  • Conal

    Look­ing for­ward to using this with debian Pow­erPC and more! Keep up the good work!

  • Mat­teo Settenvini

    You made my day! Thanks, as a long stand­ing PPC Ubuntu GNU/Linux user, it has been ages I was wait­ing for this!

  • ken­neth

    Thanks for your efforts for the pow­erpc sup­port. If there is any­thing we pow­erpc user’s can do to assist let us know.

  • Gabriele vidali

    is there a switch between adobe flash­player and yours ?
    a chrome/ff exten­sion can do that ?

  • Anony­mous

    I’m no expert in exten­sions capa­bil­i­ties. Both browser makes it pos­si­ble for the user to enable/disable the var­i­ous plu­g­ins installed. This func­tion­al­ity is cur­rent bro­ken in fire­fox though when deal­ing with mul­ti­ple plu­g­ins for the same MIME type. The bug is fixed in fire­fox 4 beta.

  • Joe

    thats great that your sup­port­ing PPC! I am a happy mac owner now