Duetto (C++ for the Web) 0.9.3 is out — Usability and standard library improvements, Windows installer


At Lean­ing Tech­nolo­gies we are glad to announce our newest release of duetto, our C++ com­piler for Web applications.

This release, marked as 0.9.3, con­tains some improvements:

  • Gen­er­ated JS files are now self con­tained and do not need the duetto.js helper file

  • C++11 is now the default com­pi­la­tion mode

  • New Win­dows installer

  • Improve­ments to stan­dard C++ library sup­port, in par­tic­u­lar now iostream, includ­ing cout and cerr are supported

  • std­out and stderr sup­port, using browser console

We also have a new major release in the works, which will pro­vide some quite inter­est­ing new fea­tures to duetto. We will announce some of them at the mloc.js con­fer­ence in Budapest this Feb­ru­ary 13 – 14.

You can find bina­ries and installers of duetto for Win­dows and Mac OS X on launch­pad. Pack­ages for Ubuntu and Debian are avail­able from our PPA. Source tar­balls are avail­able on launch­pad as well.

Instal­la­tion and get­ting started guides are avail­able at wiki.leaningtech.com

Fol­low us on @leaningtech, Face­book and at www.leaningtech.com for updates.