Lightspark released


ver­sion of the lightspark player has been just released. It’s mainly a bug fix release, the most rel­e­vant news are:

  • Fixed a crash when using flashblock
  • Restore sup­port for YouTube

More­over, from this release large down­loads are cached to disk to reduce mem­ory pressure.

As you may have noticed lightspark is now on Flattr and the last few posts about lightspark included the “Flattr this” but­ton. More­over, the Flattr-foss project (that sug­gest free soft­ware to be sup­ported using flattr) has rec­om­mended Lightspark for sep­tem­ber. Thanks a lot to the Flattr-foss team for their inter­est and sup­port! Many peo­ple flat­tered lightspark the last month and that is really appre­ci­ated. I’m not of course talk­ing about the (lit­tle) money, what is awe­some is the large sup­port received from the com­mu­nity and even the small­est dona­tion is greatly moti­vat­ing. Thanks to everyone

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