Lightspark 0.4.5 RC is out!

Finally, after a long delay caused by sev­eral issues Lightspark 0.4.5 is out. Here it is a brief Changelog.

  • Include the new Advanced Graph­ics Engine, that should pro­vide smoother and faster graph­ics and sup­port for clipping
  • More robust input sup­port (makes it pos­si­ble to use Play/Pause on YouTube)

The work on this released has been espe­cially slowed down by an issue found in libxml++ and another one found in mesa. Pack­agers should pay atten­tion to ful­fill the fol­low­ing depen­dency requirements:

  • Libxml++ ver­sion 2.33.1 or bet­ter. If an older ver­sion on libxml++ must be sup­ported some com­mits must be back­ported. More info about this in the README file
  • Mesa should include the fix for this bug. The issue affects some radeon and maybe intel cards.

Pack­ages will be avail­able for Fedora Rawhide and are already uploaded on the PPA for Ubuntu Mav­er­ick

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