Lightspark 0.4.3 RC1

Today has been pub­lished the first release can­di­date of Lightspark 0.4.3. Source tar­balls are avail­able as usual from launch­pad. Pre­build pack­ages for Ubuntu Lucid and Mav­er­ick are avail­able from the PPA as usual.

The new fea­tures in this release are

  • Faster ren­der­ing
  • Reduced mem­ory consumption
  • Sup­port for H263/MP3 video (using FFm­peg)
  • Smoother audio and video playback

Be sure to try this out and report bugs in launch­pad and our irc chan­nel (irc:// Users of radeon cards (and the open source radeon dri­ver) are espe­cially invited to try lightspark. Many radeon users com­plained about crashes and weird ren­der­ings which are often caused by miss­ing fea­tures in the dri­vers. It would be nice to gather as much infor­ma­tion as pos­si­ble on working/non work­ing cards to open a unique bug report upstream.

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  • Gfhdf

    fan­tas­tic work, cant belive the dev speed..good work! :-)

  • Seung Soo, Ha

    Every­one please apply for a flattr account and click that flattr but­ton.
    It’s not just another SNS, it actu­ally gets HARD CASH on this won­der­ful dev’s hands!@!!

  • Ale­jan­dro Nova

    Can you update Fedora x86_64 bina­ries in your Fedora repo? For some rea­son, x86_64 bina­ries are stuck at 0.4.2, while i686 is get­ting all the builds right. That causes update issues in my sys­tem that have forced me to dis­able the Lightspark repo and down­load the source RPM and com­pile it instead.

  • Kranks

    does it work with and ;)

  • Johannes

    Is there a rea­son that you use ffm­peg directly and not through gstreamer?

    I see two prob­lems with it:
    * ffm­peg isn’t shipped by default on many dis­tros due to legal rea­sons and has no way to down­load addi­tional codec later (like gstreamer)
    * ffm­peg is gen­er­ally not really nice to depend on due to their release policy.

  • Artem S. Tashkinov

    Does that mean I can now watch all videos on all video host­ings in the Internet?

    I’m pri­mar­ily inter­ested in youtube, vimeo, yahoo movies and trailer addict. If any of these sites is still unus­able, well, let’s wait for the next version.

  • apig­notti

    Please take a look at the project FAQ

  • apig­notti

    Youtube is sup­ported to a very large extend. Other sites may or may not work as, although they looks like basic clip con­tain­ers, they actu­ally exe­cute com­plex scripts and the run­time library is not yet com­plete in lightspark

  • Jardik

    Next ques­tion: Why do you use pulseau­dio, why not just use alsa directly. PulseAu­dio uses alsa any­way and its just depency because of which I can’t use lightspark (most soft­ware in Arch­Linux is not com­piled with pulseau­dio sup­port, pulseau­dio itself is not inte­grated to the sys­tem and there is too much work and com­pil­ing to make it usable — and it’s good thing, not bad).

  • cos

    gstreamer maybe the freedesk­top stan­dard but it’s infe­rior to ffm­peg in codec quality.

  • Djtm

    Great! Are there any plans to take advan­tage of ffmpeg’s vaapi and vdpau support?

  • apig­notti

    Cur­rently I’ve no hard­ware to test them on. But as video ren­der­ing is com­pletely based on tex­tures intro­duc­ing accel­er­ated decod­ing should not be dif­fi­cult. Con­tri­bu­tions are wel­come of course.

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  • Djtm

    I wish my skills would suf­fice. I had assumed it would be rather easy to imple­ment since you’re already using ffm­peg, just like a switch to enable the hard­ware accel­er­a­tion. Any mod­ern radeon or nvidia card should suf­fice, also newest intel and intel gma 500 chipsets. I can help you to set up a sys­tem or test and debug.

  • Jcmartins
  • Hiufhirfhrfr

    Yeah, ALSA sup­port please!

  • Ben

    Gnash fall-back works great. Was test­ing out YouTube and thought Adobe’s flash plu­gin had mag­i­cally turned itself back on. XD