The Lightspark Project, a modern flash player implementation

lighspark-demo1When some months ago Adobe released the com­plete SWF file for­mat spec­i­fi­ca­tion I though that it would be nice to develop a well designed open source flash player. Now I’ve been work­ing for some time on this idea and I’ve recently relased the code on SourceForge.

The project objec­tives are quite ambi­tious, as the flash spec­i­fi­ca­tion are really com­plex. The project is designed to take advance of the feau­tures present on mod­ern hadr­ware, so it not sup­posed to run on older machines. All the graphic ren­der­ing is done using OpenGL and in the future pro­gram­ma­ble shaders will be used to offload even more cal­cu­la­tions on the GPU. Exten­sive mul­ti­thread­ing is employed to make use of mul­ti­core and hyper-threading proces­sors. I’ll write a more detailed post about some tricky and inter­est­ing part of the project soon.

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