Lightspark bug fix release

Just a brief announce­ment for release of the Lightspark project, the mod­ern, open source flash player

This release will not show off huge user vis­i­ble chang­ing but fixes a num­ber of sta­bil­ity prob­lems, give it a try.

The cur­rent focus of devel­op­ment is test­ing lightspark’s VM against the Action­Script test­suite pro­vided by tamarin. In the mean­while I’ve also found a way to reduce lightspark mem­ory con­sump­tion while increas­ing per­for­mances, but the solu­tion is not sta­ble yet for prime time.

Stay tuned.


  • Anony­mous

    I real­ize that this doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily relate to Lightspark, since it has its own VM based on LLVM; how­ever, why has no one ever built a Flash player around Adobe’s released Tamarin directly? Seems like a good recipe for per­fect com­pat­i­bil­ity, at least with Action­Script; that would reduce the com­pat­i­bil­ity issues to “just” SWF itself.

  • Jardik

    Why does it require PulseAu­dio? Why not just use gstreamer and let gstreamer decide?

  • apig­notti
  • will

    Very inter­est­ing project. But I have a ques­tion which I think must have been asked before...why not use the open source tamarin/NanoJIT project as a basis? what does LLVM offer that Tamarin does not?

    Maybe put it in the FAQ!


  • Anony­mous

    Well, I really think that lever­ag­ing a real com­piler infra­struc­ture like LLVM is bet­ter than using a home­grown (or adobe-grown) solu­tion. More­over, although you may think that using tamarin would have given auto­matic full action­script func­tion­al­ity this is far from true. Tamarin sup­ports the lan­guage _opcodes_ (and lightspark basi­cally has sup­ported them to a large extent for a long time with only minor issues). But to have AS3 sup­port we also need to reim­ple­ment the run­time library/classes (such as,, flash.geom.Rectangle and so on). Those classes are not pro­vided by tamarin and those are also the really hard and time con­sum­ing thing that is being imple­mented in lightspark.