Lightspark released

Try­ing to keep up with the old rule “Release early, release often” I’ happy to announce release open source flash player.

This appar­ently small point release actu­ally includes the biggest fea­ture plan­nend for the upcom­ing 0.4.3 release, namely Gnash fall­back on older SWF clips.  Lightspark cur­rently relies no Gnash for any Flash con­tent that does not require AVM2 (Action­Script 3) support.

I would also like to explain an issue that many users and testers reported. Fire­fox is not able to han­dle mul­ti­ple plu­gin for the same file type! Not even if only one of those plu­g­ins is actu­ally enabled. So, if lightspark is installed along­side adobe’s player or Gnash no flash con­tent will be dis­played. This is a fire­fox bug, I’ve reported the bug and pro­posed a patch that is cur­rently wait­ing the review.

The source of the release is as always avail­able on launch­pad. Binary pack­ages for Ubuntu Lucid and Mav­er­ick will be avail­able on the usual PPA (in a cou­ple hours from now, Launch­pad seems pretty busy at the moment). More­over, since the last announce­ment lightspark has been also included in the debian exper­i­men­tal suite (thanks to Didier Raboud and Luca Falavigna).

Stay tuned, and fol­low the roadmap

  • anti­mo­nio

    Can you post the URL of the Firefox’s bug?

  • Mum­rik

    YouTube sup­port is all well and good, but what does that mean in terms of gen­eral Flash sup­port (even if just for Flash 9+ and dis­count­ing every­thing older)? I under­stand that it’s a process and that it will get there, I’m curi­ous as to how much is imple­mented of the whole, or if it’s just the bare min­i­mum needed for YouTube.

  • apig­notti
  • apig­notti

    Fea­tures has been imple­mented on a YouTube-uses-them-first base. This does not mean that Lightspark is a YouTube spe­cific hack, as every­thing that has been imple­mented is avail­able to any clip. After 0.5.0 release I’m mov­ing to a test­ing based devel­op­ment model that will be less tar­get specific

  • Mum­rik

    Thanks. How large part, at a guess, does YouTube cover? Just won­der­ing how use­ful (how soon) Lightspark could be as a generic flash plugin.

  • apig­notti

    The stuff imple­mented for YouTube cov­ers or at least scratch a good 40% of the needed stuff. My hope is to have 80% cov­er­age in the next few months, this depends a lot on the amount and qual­ity of con­tri­bu­tions that will come

  • Keshav P R

    I noticed a win32 branch in lightspark github repo. Do you guys also sup­port win64 browsers like Fire­fox (Mine­field) 4.0b3pre x86_64 (native win64) nightly build ver­sion that I use cur­rently and 64-bit IE etc. If so how to com­pile it with either Visual Stu­dio 2008 (in Win 7 x64 Pro) or using mingw-w64 in Arch­linux x86_64. I cur­rently use lightspark-git AUR pack­age ( in x86_64 Mine­field 4.0b3pre nightly.

  • apig­notti

    we’re still work­ing on a win32 and fol­low­ing it a win64 release. The major prob­lems are with depen­dency libs that are not always eas­ily compilable/supported. Espe­cially for the win64 case.

  • dkn3rdfx

    I am highly inter­ested in Win­dows ver­sions, because Flash is a huge attack vec­tor for those that will remain unmentioned.