Lightspark News: Progress on stability, Codenames and Logo Poll

One of these will be the offi­cial logo of Lightspark

First of all, thanks a lot to all those brave enough to try out this project. I’m sorry about all the (fre­quent) crashes but, with the help of all the peo­ple who filed bugs on launch­pad, the sta­bil­ity of Lightspark is improv­ing very fast. Please keep test­ing and report­ing any issues. The next big release, 0.4.0 code­named “Aeo­lus”, is planned for the first week of June. The focus for this release is the sta­bil­ity of the plat­form and no major fea­tures are being imple­mented. The release is also going to include a brand new logo! The call for logos of the pre­vi­ous post gen­er­ated a lot of very nice works, and it was very hard to choose between them. In the end I man­aged to keep only two of them, and now it’s your turn! Vote for the one you prefer.

Beside aes­thetic things I’m also try­ing to define a bit the roadmap of the project. If the next release is only focused on sta­bil­ity, for the fol­low­ing one (0.5.0, code­named “Bac­chus”) I’m plan­ning work­ing Youtube sup­port which was lost after one of the updates of the video player.

I’ve also received a lot ques­tions and inter­est about port­ing Lightspark to other OSs and archi­tec­tures. The code is build using stan­dard tech­nolo­gies, such as pthreads and STL and should be quite portable, but some crit­i­cal code paths has been writ­ten in assem­bly to guar­an­tee atom­ic­ity or improve per­for­mance. I’ve very lit­tle expe­ri­ence with any­thing beside x86/x86-64, so I pre­fer not to port such crit­i­cal code. How­ever I will gladly accept any con­tri­bu­tions for other plat­forms, such as PPC and ARM. The good news is that a con­trib­u­tor man­aged to com­pile lightspark on FreeBSD/x86 with min­i­mal changes to the build sys­tem and a win­dows port is also planned. More­over, beside the Ubuntu PPA I’m main­tain­ing, pack­ages are being cre­ated for Arch Linux and Debian, thanks a lot to the community.

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